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Ms.Hux and I went to Evita last night at the NAC. I know that it is a touring show so it wasn't as big of a production as you'd see on broadway, but I freaking really enjoyed it. I kinda want to go to NYC and see the real thing. the guy playing Che stole the show for me.

unfortunately, Ottawa has a shitty audience. at least the guy beside me for the first few acts was the biggest jerk in Ottawa. The music was all cubanish and my feet were tapping away. he leans over and says exactly "Don't bounce your foot". I couldn't believe it! AT A MUSIcAL! luckily the seat next to ms.hux was empty so we immediately moved over one so I could get back to enjoying myself. Later in the show I looked over and his hand was slapping his knee and a little later, his whole leg was bouncing. I nearly paid him back, but come on, I'm better than that.

I might have to get us a membership to the NAC for more events. I'd love to take in a mozart performance. Is there a serious benefit in membership?

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