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Peterborough Jazzfest pubcrawl tonight!


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Here's the deets:

Brio Gusto-182 Charlotte Street

Kim Doolittle~9:30pm-12:30am

Cassis 211-211 Hunter Street

Jonah Cristall-Clarke~9pm-midnight

Cosmic Charlie’s-170 Charlotte Street

Dixie Cats~9pm-Midnight

Curry Village-306 George Street

Amanda deBoer Trio~8:30pm-11:30pm

Dobro Restaurant & Bar-287 George Street Kevin Carley Band~8pm-11pm

Elements-140 King Street

George Grosman & Bohemian Swing~8:30pm-11:30pm

Haaselton’s-394 George Street

Felix & The Swing Cats~8pm-11pm

Hi Tops Restaurant-415 George Street

Bruce Gorrie Trio~8pm-11pm

Hot Belly Mama’s-378 George Street

Mike Graham Band~10:30pm-1:30pm

La Hacienda-190 Hunter Street W

Vesto Slipher Trio~8:30pm-11:30pm

McThirsty’s Pint-166 Charlotte Street

Bruce Cole Quartet~8pm-11pm

Mexicali Rosa’s-320 Water Street

Bobby Watson & Terry Blankley Jazz Ensemble

Phoenix Bar & Grill-215 George Street

Chelsey Bennett~8pm-11pm

Riley’s Olde Town Pub-251 George Street Beau Dixon Band~8pm-11pm

Shish Kabob Hut-220 King Street

Craig Paterson Group~9pm-midnight

The Junction-251 George Street

Al Black & The Steady Band~8pm-11pm

The Spill-414 George Street

Gord Carley Trio~8pm-11pm

Village of Thai-241 George Street

Steve McCraken Trio~9pm-midnight


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