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Vantage Point... the movie


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I saw it when it was in the theatre, but I was a little disappointed. The action parts were good, but I thought it was going to be less action and more intrigue. The whole notion of different people seeing things from different vantage points and how what they could see would affect the viewer's perception of what was going on was what made me want to see the movie. But you know who did what about halfway through and then it switches to action movie mode. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I guess I was expecting more of a mystery film and less of an action film. Misplaced expectations caused disappointment, I suppose. But it definitely didn't suck.

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I wasn't overly impressed with it myself. As Hamilton said I was expecting a lot more intrigue with a little less action. Although the action scenes were well shot from all persepectives, I didn't find the movie packed to powerful of a punch. It was good, but not great. i.m.o.

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