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Feb. 7th - 4th Annual NUFUNK.ca Tribute to Bob Marley

Jay Funk Dawg

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King Selah

Michael Garrick

High Plains Drifter

with reggae dj' & selecta: DJ CHOCOLATE

Doors open at: 9pm Show at: 9pm


For vendors, show updates and other info please contact: info@nufunk.ca


Bob Marley


On February 7, 2008, International music star Bob Marley would have been 64 years old if he had not succumbed to cancer on Monday May 11, 1981 at the young age 36-years-old.

Today almost anywhere in the world when the name Bob Marley is mentioned it is recognized by old and young. He remains enormously popular and well known all over the world. Reggae's most transcendent and iconic figure, Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international superstardom, in the process introducing the music of his native island nation to the far-flung corners of the globe. Marley's music gave voice to the day-to-day struggles of the Jamaican experience, vividly capturing not only the plight of the country's impoverished and oppressed but also the devout spirituality that remains their source of strength.

His songs of faith, devotion, and revolution created a legacy that continues to live on not only through the music of his extended family but also through generations of artists the world over touched by his genius.

With a special cast of Toronto Musicians, Djs and MCs, a celebration of Bob Marley's legacy of music, peace and love will take at LEE's PALACE on Saturday February 9th, 2008



House of David Gang


Featuring King Selah

THE HOUSE OF DAVID GANG is a Toronto-based reggae outfit that delivers late 70s and early 80s style Jamaican reggae classics . Formed in Toronto over 15 years ago, the band is fronted by seasoned reggae veteran King Selah and whose members have included members of Resinators, Irie Band, Explorer Band, Revelation, Sellasie I Power and many others. The House of David Gang got it's name from a House that a group of like minded Toronto Reggae Musicians lived in and who held after-hour reggae parties for several years which developed the musicians into some of Toronto's Top session players. For the past 15 years King Selah and the House of David Gang have hosted the Toronto Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer Tributes which have helped bring light to Toronto's burgeoning roots rock reggae scene. Now with a new line-up - The House of David Gang faithfully recreates the Bob Marley Sound - which includes 2 guitarists, 2 keyboardists and a strong rhythm section of Jah-Lin (drums) and Uncledropsi (bass).



Michael Garrick

Frequently @ The Original Motorcycle Company, Micheal is a veteran of Toronto's reggae scene and has entertained local and international audiences for many years. Michael is easily one of the industry's most entertaining front men for his emotional vocal performances and percussion playing. This tune, "African Children" an Aswad cover tune was performed live @ The Bamboo prior to its closing in 2002.


High Plains Drifter


High Plains Drifter is a rootsy funk-rock and world beat ensemble, whose dynamic live performances are captivating audiences across Canada. Like imagery evoked by the mysterious quality of a traveling vagabond, High Plains Drifter is a collective of musicians traveling town to town bringing the energy of celebration to audiences everywhere.

Leaning towards original roots, jazz, funk and world music, The High Plains Drifter is a groove force that keeps dancehalls packed and bodies in constant motion. High Plains Drifter draws inspiration from artists as diverse as James Brown, Herbie Hancock and Jimmy Buffet. The group, known for their unpredictable stage show, has enjoyed collaborations with a number of Canadian musicians including members of The Jimmy Swift Band, Slowcoaster, Wassabi Collective, The Chameleon Project & Slammin' Jack as well as young horn players, percussionists and turn-tablists.




She's been djing for 10 years straight, has a radio show on CKLN88.1FM called Rebel Music, Mondays 2:30-5PM EST (www.ckln.fm) and is one of Toronto's most in demand DJ performers.

special guests and surprises still to be announced!

This special evening of music is sponsored by:




http://www.hiddenjungle.ca, Shanti Baba,

http://www.nufunk.ca and more

More information and Group tickets can be arranged by emailing info@nufunk.ca

presented in association with:




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