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**Everything All The Time (Jer Little of BNB) @ Zaphod's Dec 4th!!


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Friday Dec 4th



...from their site....

"EATT is a group of working musicians who all have their own solo projects, and have also been sidemen and women for an impressive number of other acts. Between them, their recording and touring credits read like a who's who of Canadian music, featuring names like Matt Mays, Josh Reichmann, Feist, Jason Collett, Sleepless Nights, Sarah Harmer and the Hidden Cameras. You couldn't, however, say that Everything All The Time sounds like any of the artists mentioned above. When these six individuals came together they brought with them an abundance of influences which, when combined, created something completely new. EATT clearly embraces electronic and dance music but the group's sound is founded on precise and scrupulous collaborative songwriting. EATT writes songs collectively and painstakingly, resulting in music that's as organic as it is electronic."

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