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A Christmas Gift from Trey [1985] [Bootleg]


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I found this recently on what... so I decided to share!

Enjoy the holiday season all! (And I may just have another rare bootleg for all ya'l a little later in the month)

Christmas Gift from Trey, December 1985

Trey's 4 Track Project

December 1985

Source: Master > cass > cass

Transfer: Cass2 > HHB > CDR > Flac

01. And So To Bed >

02. You Enjoy Myself

03. Green Dolphin Street->

04. Harry Hood

05. Slave to the Traffic Light

06. Antelope

07. Divided Sky

08. Letter to Jimmy Page

09. Dave's Energy Guide >

10. Fluff's Travels

11. "A Last Surprise"

12/01/84 Skippy the Wondermouse >

12. 12/01/84 Fluffhead (CUTS at very end)

*Slave: drums by Pete Cottone, Keyboards by Tom Marshall.

*Back-up Vocals: Marc "Daubs" Daubert, Tom Marshall (Slave, Antelope)

*Slave, Antelope and Ltr to Jimmy Page are from Bivouac Jaun

*Dave Abrahams may sing vocals on one or more of these tracks... (?) I have conflicting info.

*Daubs plays percussion on DivSky

*THE DUDE OF LIFE on Tracks 11-12.

I was generously given this music on a 90 min Maxell XL2S tape by a friend of Trey's, who (among many others) had

received the tape from Trey as a Christmas present a few days before Christmas in 1985. As this friend put it, much

of this tape "is the fruit of an entire semester of 4-track experiments by Trey . . . I remember him doing overdubs of all

4 vocal parts on YEM, and using the pitch control knob to vary the harmony."

Trey's "4 Track Project" is profound. Most of it was recorded in Fall/Winter 1985, possibly on Mike's 4 track, but I am not

sure. Trey is his own worst critic and he may reflect back upon this music and scoff (or perhaps worse), but his creative

genius, his humor, and his love of music brilliantly shine through in this material. Whatever he might think about his early

music, he created this tape out of love for his family and friends, and it shows.

A few of these tracks appear on Bivouac Jaun, while other tracks (eg And So to Bed, YEM) appear on "The White Tape,"

which I hope you purchase from Phish.com, http://www.phish.com/releases/detail.php?ID=26.

It is possible that some of the versions on here are somewhat different from those on The White Tape and Jaun;

I have not analyzed them closely. See pages 13-14 of The Phish Companion 2d edition for more information.

The master cassette and my copy conclude with "A Last Surprise," i.e., 12/1/84 Skippy the Wondermouse > Fluffhead,

featuring The Dude of Life. I debated whether to include it here, because it already circulates in low gen, it cuts on here

at the very end, and it is "just" filler. But it is what Trey put on here as filler, so here you go.

Is this the longest .txt file for a torrent that is only of *one* disc ? (lol) Hope you appreciate this, in any event.

Merry Christmas. Sonny.

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