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Not Everyone Is out To Get Your Money!


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So today i spent 2 hours at Speedy on Gardiners Road.I came away very happy.

i had a gas line repaired last summer and it was the hotest day of the year and i had to be towed in.i was so stressed out and anyone could see that.

They repaired my car and then said this is the beginning of a good day for you...No charge

So in Sept.i smelled gas again and went in no charge.

Now its 5 months later and i had a gas smell went in and he showed me where it was a different spot.

They fixed it and gave me my keys and said you are good to go no charge.

Now how good is that and it was not under warranty.

I did brag them up to customers in the shop while I was there and maybe they heard me.

anyway i am one happy customer !

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