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Im going home Donny

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well I think I am seeing clearly again...my grasp of the English language is coming back to me....we'll see for sure a t work tonight. I just have to mention that my excursions with Nero and MOe in Ottawa,Montreal and Burlington were amongst the best in this little hoolies universe. WOW and double WOW. Nero and Moe blew my socks off....Montreal being my fave while all three nights were phenominal freaking giver machines of maddness. So great to see our boys with MOe and so great to see so many familiar peeps out.Thanks everyone for adding to the brilliant times and big super thanks to NEro and Moe for for making it all happen so gloriously....Also big super thanx for the passes....I didn't really feel deserved but couldn't have done it with out them...thankyou so much....peace.love.julia. [Cool]

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