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$59 one way to Flordia (and others)


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Originally posted by MoMack:

Big sale on with Jetsgo right now, $59 one way to Flordia...

Thought some of you anglers might be interested...

Oh, I'm interested, but need a bit of info.

I'll be in Boston on Dec. 2 for Phish, and was thinking of staying a couple of days in Boston, and then maybe NYC.

As it turns out, JetsGo has a deal on a flight from New York (EWR, Newark, NJ) to Toronto on Dec. 5, for CDN$80. This would put me on the ground in time for the Dr. Huxtable / Electric Meat set-blender...

The question is this: assuming I were to spend my time in NYC downtown somewhere (anybody have recommendations?), is EWR easy to get to? I did a quick web search, and it looks like there are shuttle buses (around US$15) from most places in Manhattan (e.g., Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, hotels, etc.), so I think it could work. Has anybody gone from NYC to anywhere else using EWR?



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Brad - I have done that many times. Whenever I drive down toward NYC we leave the car at Newark and take a bus in town. IT is cheap to leave the wheels in long term parking and avoids the hassle of Manhattan driving. There are constant shuttles (actually big busses) that leave every ten minutes. You can grab them from each terminal in the ground transportation area (downstairs).

If you are looking to just get out of NYC to the airport, you can pick up the bus at any number of points in the city. When we stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania (across from MSG) we grabbed it at Penn Station. You can pick it up at the Port Authority, a bunch of major hotels, etc.

It works well and costs about 12 bucks each way. You can see some other ground transport options here: http://www.panynj.gov/aviation/egtsfram.htm

I think the one we used was Olympia Airport Express. I have flown out of EWR a number of time to various locations and it is pretty organized and easy to access.

If you're looking for a nice place in the middle of everything try the Hotel Pennsylvania across from MSG. Very reasonable and nice as well. An older place but well renovated and close to everything.

Good luck.


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