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Brian Mulroney endorses Justin Trudeau


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The Conservatives in Ottawa are furious. Brian Mulroney is not supposed to be going around praising Justin Trudeau. After all, Trudeau is Stephen Harper's biggest political adversary.

In an interview on CTV's Power Play political affairs show Monday night, Mulroney went out of his way to praise Justin Trudeau. And he did it so effusively, better than any Liberal so far.

"I've known Justin since he was a child. He is young, articulate, attractive - a flawlessly bilingual young man. What's not to like with this picture?"

Mulroney added a warning to Trudeau's political rivals.

"Anybody who treats Justin Trudeau with scorn or derision or underestimates him does so at his own peril," he said.

"We'll see what happens in the future; it's a long way from here to there. But no one should underestimate Justin. He is a man of some consequence."

The Conservatives didn't know how to react. Hey sat around waiting for a signal from Harper and "the boys in shorts" in his office.

But the Conservative party social media lashed back at Mulroney.

"It's amazing what old age can do to a person," wrote one Conservative blogger.

Another wrote that after Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney was the worst prime minister in Canadian history.

There could be a connection with the Oliphant inquiry of a few years ago which revealed that Mulroney had accepted brown envelopes from businessman Karlheinz Schreiber.

Subsequently Harper ordered his MPs never to have anything more with Mulroney.

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