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Jomomma guys to hit the radio and MTV


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Thought someone from the band would have posted this exciting news, but after a few days and nothing, i figured i'd post it:

Hello all,

Johnston Kent (guitar) and Nick Gefucia (bass) will be joining platinum recording artists and international touring act, Len for their upcoming Canadian west coast tour. Also keep an eye open for John and Nick in their upcoming video for the single, "A Brother Sister Thing."

By all means, come to one of these shows if you can. These shows will consist of a varied mix of rock, hip-hop and fantastic dj's that will provide for a complete, fun-filled night of music.

For more info, visit www.lensite.com

website: www.jomomma.ca

mailing list: mailinglist2@jomomma.ca

Cool eh. I can imagine what a ham Nick will be on a music video....you think his shirt will have any arms?


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