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Canadians For Peace


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I was sent this a couple weeks ago and signed it,think its a good thing so I decided to pass it along.We may have a different PM but the goal is still the same.


Canadians For Peace

The message:

I am deeply concerned by the growing pressure for the invasion of Iraq by an

international force. There is no justification for this war in international law. Moreover, in the interests of a just society, we must

extend to the Iraqi people that which we would ask for ourselves: the right

to live without violation of our national boundaries, the right to determine

our own internal affairs and the right to live without fear of loss of home, family life and livelihood. We have already created suffering for the Iraqi people with the tight restrictions on goods entering the country,

including medicines. There is no justification for considering the Iraqi

people "disposable" in a forceful attempt to remove Saddam Hussein. By invading, we sew more injustice and terrorism for generations to come.

Keep Canadian forces out of Iraq. Support the extension of time for the UN Weapons Inspectors,– so that they can encourage and confirm the dismantling of any weapons which exist. Support peaceful approaches both inside and outside of the United Nations.

With thanks,

Canadians For Peace

The invasion may have already occured but I believe its worth it still to sign,you can have your name not shown if thats an issue.

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