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String Cheese live DVD / Still no Winterland


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I got the new 2 disc String Cheese Incident DVD in the mail today and don't know what to make of it. Opinions anyone? I've only watched the first disc so far, will the second be any better? The best part of the first disc was the three songs segment with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder - great bluegrass!

Also, my Closing of Winterland has still not shown up? WTF!! My pal who I ordered with had to call them and complain after they never showed up at his Buffalo PO Box despite being ordered 4 weeks in advance of street date. Only good news on the Dead front is that I managed to win a new copy of "Go To Nassau" for $12 US off eBay. And only $3 shipping, not $10 like the Dead charges to Canada now since switching over their online merchandising to musictoday.com - thanks Dave Matthews!

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