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Going to Phish? hit up DSO on the way!


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for those headed down to the Albany show on Monday,

Dark Star Orchestra are playing their last show of the fall tour in Danbury,CT @ Tuxedo Junction on Sunday night!

these directions are from Danbury,CT to Albany,NY


1: Start out going Northeast on LIBRARY PL toward TOWER PL. 0.07 miles

2: Turn LEFT onto CT-53/MAIN ST. Continue to follow MAIN ST. 0.91 miles

3: Merge onto I-84 W via the ramp- on the left- toward N.Y. STATE/NORWALK. 40.25 miles

4: Merge onto NY-300/UNION AVE via exit number 7S toward I-87/THRUWAY. 0.55 miles

5: Take the I-87 ramp toward THRUWAY. 0.26 miles

6: Merge onto NEW YORK STATE TRWY N/I-87 N toward ALBANY (Portions toll). 81.78 miles

7: Merge onto I-787 N via exit number 23 toward DOWNTOWN ALBANY/RENSSELAER/TROY. 1.91 miles

8: Take the US-9 N/US-20 W exit- exit number 4. 0.22 miles

9: Keep RIGHT at the fork in the ramp. 0.16 miles

10: Turn LEFT onto BROADWAY. 0.25 miles

11: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto STATE ST. 0.29 miles

12: Turn RIGHT onto EAGLE ST. 0.04 miles

13: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto WASHINGTON AVE. 0.12 miles


2 hours, 3 minutes TOTAL DISTANCE:

126.81 miles

it's worth the drive [Wink]


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