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So long MP3.com...

Mr. Musicface

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... we hardly knew ye.

CNET bought MP3.com a little while back and as of today is shutting down the free MP3 hosting service they've been running for over 5 years:


Please be advised that on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 12:00 PM PST the MP3.com website will no longer be accessible in its current form...

On behalf of all of us at MP3.com we thank you for your patronage and continued support. It has been a privilege to host one of the largest and most diverse collections of music in the world. MP3.com wishes to express its sincere thanks to each of you for making us your premier destination for music online.



FYI CNET will be offering a new music hosting site at http://music.download.com/ but it's not online yet.


Mr. M.

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