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This is what i've found to be the best sounding to my ears:

Nassau Colliseum - Uniondale, NY

Source: [DFC/OTS] Neumann u89i (caridioid/DIN)>Lunatec v3>Sonic AD2k+>RME Multiface>Vaio>WaveLab>wav @24bit/96kHz

Transfer: wav>WaveLab>UV22HR (Dither to 16bit/44.1kHz)>wav>CDWave>wav>FLAC

Taped & Transfered by: Phil Lucks

Philadelphia, PA

Source: AT4051a -> V2 -> AD500e -> D100

Mic Info: ORTF 90*, DFC, 2nd Row OTS, stand 10', 48khz master

Transfer: D100 -> UA-5 -> Toshiba Satellite 1135 -> Soundforge 6.0 -> CDwav -> MKWact -> SHN

Taped & Transfered by Chris Clark (rage36151@excite.com)

Albany, NY

source: Neumann Km184> PS-2> AD-20 (44.1 kHz)> PCM-M1

[DIN 90* 1st row tapers section DFC]

transfer: PCM-R300> DIO 2448> Cool Edit Pro 2.0> cdWave> mkw> shn

taped/transfered by Rob Clarke rclarke@iwon.com

Fleet Center, Boston, MA

Source: (DFC/OTS) ADK a51s-LEs -> ua-5 -> D7

Transfer: D7 -> edirol ua-1d -> Sound Forge 6.0 -> CDWav -> FLAC Frontend (FLAC 16/44.1)

Taped and transferred by Brian Costigan (brian@phatphiles.org)

(i have listened to the mk41 show from Boston, and i think the bottom end is much much nicer on the ADK source)

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