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Amazon's Next TV Show Will Take Us on the Road with the Grateful Dead


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Published Dec 15, 2015

We're still waiting for that Martin Scorsese-backed 50th anniversary documentary about the Grateful Dead, but now there's yet another filmic examination of the legendary jam rock band on the way. This one, it seems, will be a biographical television series for Amazon Studios.

As The Hollywood Reporter explains, the show will be based on Steve Parish's 2003 book Home Before Daylight: My Life on the Road with the Grateful Dead, which documented the decades the roadie spent touring with the group. Parish will executive produce, as will Grateful Dead member Bob Weir (who is also overseeing the music).

It seems that the project is still in its very early stages, since there isn't a scriptwriter yet. The folks behind the series will be apparently searching for one in the coming weeks.

This team-up with Amazon Studios marks a departure for Weir, since the documentary The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir was exclusive to Netflix. It was released this past May.

Here in Canada, Amazon shows often end up on Shomi.

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