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Donation of items in Ottawa for free shipping to Attawapiskat

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How to support the people in Attawapiskat.

Below is a list of items that community members said they needed, and a collection point for shipping from Ottawa. Note the specific dates - this is a one-time thing. The group organizing the collection and shipping has a facebook page if you want to learn more: https://m.facebook.com/annieandcompany/.



Every person, group, business or organization is welcome to bring the donation of items in Ottawa for free shipping from Ottawa to Attawapiskat providing that the items are from the list below and that they are either new or in gently used condition.

The items can be dropped off between the hours of 10AM and Noon ONLY, on Saturday April 30th, Saturday May 7th and Saturday May 14th, at the Dymon Storage located 1830 Walkley Road in Ottawa. Those wishing to ship items to Ottawa for free shipping to Attawapiskat can contact us.

The items listed below are the only items accepted for shipping at this time and those marked with a star (*) are those which are most needed. This list was created in consultation with Attawapiskat leaders and teachers.

Thank you for your support and you are encouraged to personalize your own shipping boxes so Attawapiskat knows who the items are coming from!

Contact Us: Facebook: www.facebook.com/annieandcompany Email: annieandcompanyottawa@gmail.com

Personal Hygiene
· Tampons and pads (package of 24 costs $37 in Attawapiskat)*
· Diapers disposable and cloth*
· Tooth paste and tooth brushes*
· Soap, deodorant and shampoo

Arts & Craft Supplies
· Paint, paint brushes and canvases
· Colouring books*
· Construction paper*
· Colouring crayons* and pencils*
· Pelts*, fur*, hides* and sinew*
· Beading needles*, beading threads* and a lot of beads (pony and seeds)*
· Colour embroidery thread and needles*
· Looms* and guitars
· Jewellery making supplies
· Sewing needles*, sewing threads*, textiles*, ribbons*, sewing scissors and sewing machines
· Air dry modelling clay
· Scissors for children and adults*

· Playing cards*
· Board games*
· Puzzles
· Children’s toys (non requiring batteries, none made with material/textile)

School Supplies
· Glue sticks, scissors* and rulers
· Pencils*, colouring pencils*, pencil sharpeners and erasers
· Markers and pens
· Folders, binders and subject dividers*
· Backpacks and lunch boxes
· Notebooks*, sketchbooks* and journals*
· Books for grades 4-12*
· White out
· Flash drives*

· Snowshoes*
· Cross country skies*, poles*, shoes*
· Skates, hockey sticks, hockey pucks
· Baseball gloves (no bats or balls needed)
· Bicycles*, helmets* and air pumps*
· Lacrosse sticks*
· Woman’s broomball equipment
· Deflated balls: soccer, volley, football, basketball with many pumps*

Camping Equipment
· Tarps*, ground sheets* and tents
· Sleeping mats
· Sleeping bags*

· Light bulbs**, batteries, needle and thread*, scotch tape, masking take and duct tape
· Band-Aids* and first aid kits*
· Pillows (new only), pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets
· Plastic storage bins*
· Utensils, pots, pans, frying pans and mixing bowls
· Food wrap, paper towels and garbage bags
· Shower curtain and hooks, toilet paper and bath towels

Thanks again for your support!

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