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Trey's Ghosts of the Forest Live at The State Theater, Portland, ME - 4/4/2019 AUD

Jay Funk Dawg

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Some of takeaways from jambase's ScottB:
- Made me feel bad for Trey: The dude obviously went through some shit and was having an existential crisis. Some of the lyrics are amongst the darkest since he became sober. On the other hand some of the lyrics were "Soul Planet"-y.  
- Musically, it seemed informed by the music he listened to in high school more than any of the stuff that's come out since 1983. 
- The best tracks were the ones that had multiple segments 
- Not too much in the way of full band jamming but a number of fantastic Trey solos
- Jen and Celisse just sang
- I can't believe Trey wrote TWO albums worth of material!
- If you get confused, listen to Jon Fishman play. He was a beast last night and I aim to spend one night of the NYC run fully focusing on what he's doing.
- The production was much cooler for some songs than it was for others. There was one tune in which a "Lite Brite" version of what Trey was doing on stage was displayed as part of the set behind him. That blew me away.
Overall, I really liked it but this will not be for everyone and I'm not going to enjoy seeing "fans" shit on lyrics he wrote about his friend dying.


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