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    Surprise Me Mr. Davis - If You knew

    Surprise Me Mr. Davis featuring Brad Barr, Andrew Barr, Marc Freidman, Nathan Moore, and Marco Benevento were recorded with 3 cameras and a taper rig on Aug. 19, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado at the Fox Theatre.  This band is about to enter the recording studio to record their official debut album.  There is an EP currently available called "That Man Eats Morning For Breakfest" which includes a bonus download "Rise and Shine" available to those who pre-order.

    Marco Benevento can be seen on tour throughout the fall in his other configurations, Garaj A Trois and The Marco Benevento Trio.  The latter will be coming to Canada to play Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton.

    Marco Benevento Trio Canada mini-tour:

    October 14
    Le Divan Orange
    Montreal, Canada

    October 15
    Elmdale House
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canado

    Ocotber 16
    The Casbah
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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