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Oakland Raiders


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As the illustrious Hunter S Thompson summed it up:

As for this year in Tampa, the Game itself looks like a guaranteed Bummer. Baltimore will squeeze out a six-point victory over the Giants, but only about 2000 people in America will care about it. Both the City & the Game will be neck-deep in wild whores & hustlers & Pimps from all over the world, & President Bush might even make an appearance at halftime.

But I will not be there, & neither will Lyle Lovett or Linda Lovelace or eminent Lawyers like George Tobia & Gerald Goldstein, who are deeply diss-satisfied with pro Football.

And so am I, for that matter. The Playoffs have been a bleak anti-climax to a season that was once so full of promise. ... The two Losing teams on Sunday scored a total of Sex (6) points between them, & the outcomes were never in doubt. The Gore family will Lose all their bets & one of his daughters will manage to get busted for Drunk Driving. Many gamblers will not bet on the game at all, but the Bookies will win big, like always.

Before you even think about betting against the Smart money in Tampa, consider This: The over/under number for the Giants-Vikings game was 41½ -- the final score was 41-0.

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