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i have a huge problem


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hey everyone...i have a huge dilemma that i need a hand with...

last friday, i lost my bag of tricks. all my bass effects and cords, as well as my fave weed tin, and some miscellaneous other goodies(a few bucks in change and such...little things too) got up and walked away after my gig on friday.

does anyone know how i could replace my pedals for cheap? i'm unemployed and any way to save money would help.

the pedals i used are as follows:

electro harmonix bassballs(dynamic filter)

electro harmonix bass microsynth (my baby...phat bass synth)

boss bass chorus

boss bass equalizer.

i really wish i had my bassballs and EQ pedal the most though...the synth can be lived without even though it's my baby...far too pricy to replace - i'd like to get an octave, bassballs/envelope filter, and some sort of sustainer. i have a bass wah but it needs to be fixed a bit. i used my EQ pedal like a preamp so if i can get a preamp or EQ for cheap i wouldn't really be too choosy.

seeing as my band's a 3 piece, effects are more tools than toys for me. we don't have loopers yet so texture is of severe importance.

it really sucks that i lost them all and if i were to ever get a helping hand so far this would be the time i'd appreciate it the most. any info is appreciated.

if you know of something that can't take time, call me at 519.670.2575

if you want to help me/us out but cna't directly link me up with a rd octave pedal or other toy, please try to come out on a friday. i need to get as much money as i can as soon as possible...so hey - if someone has a job as fare away from london as brantford, sarnia, even hamilton, i've got a cr so after gas costs for the day i'm sittin pretty...

anyhow, sorry to impose and ask for help but i'm going crazy here...i'm sure you all understand.

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Yo beats, losing gear sucks!

First thing - make sure you contact every used music and pawn shop in the area. This is where pedals always turn up. Any place that buys gear is used to this sort of situation... and they're usually willing to keep an eye out for you.

Best of luck my friend.

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Is there a Cash Converters in the area?

It may sound funny but hurtin' kidz bring great shit to C C's all the time. You just have to know your shit, cause their salesman don't know shit.

Also I do know every salesman is authorized to allow barting of 50% of original sticker price on most items.

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