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XP Networking question


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a friend has added a third computer to a preexisting network, has added it to his wireless router, and has got a connection to the internet.

what he is now trying to do is access the shared files from his main computer (which his laptop, which has been on the network for around a year is able to do) on his new computer, that does have a working internet connection on the network.

he's not at the computer now, but he said the main problem is, on the NEW computer, the MAIN computer is NOT showing up in the network neighborhood...even though the computer has connectivity to the network...

anyoen have any suggestions? without his comp in front of me, i'm not sure what to tell him, so that his main computer shows up in his new computers network neighborhood, so that he can access his shared files, that are currently accessable on his laptop.


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Cyber, yes, both are on Xp, one is home and one is pro, but it shouldn't matter.

tungsten, router is running dynamic, but i'm not going to explain static over the phone.

the shares are already set, as the network is already preexisting...

he said all the workgroups were named 'workgroup', but i'll tell him to double check it.

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