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Sweet Boognish, I love Palace Princess


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Thanks, you sneaky little ball of cuteness - for impulsively buying 2 tickets to the Jam on the River Festival in Pennsylvania. How on earth did you guess I would be interested in such a festival? Oh wait - could it be... could it POSSIBLY be, that WEEN is closing off the festival!?!??!??!?!?! Hot DAMN! You know me so well.

Only 33 days to prepare for the madness...


"a box of choc-lates for you"

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WOW!!! That sounds to me like a goood time......It's pretty cheap as well which is surprising considering it's in the USA. I'm thinking a caravan from Ontario to THE JAM ON the RIVER is definately being considered......How fun does MAy sound, first we have the CTMF then a WEEN par-tey the weekend after.....I"M IN!!!! Hey Littlemiss thanks for the info beauty. First I heard of this festival, you always know the goods. :) :)

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aw, i love you too pink! heehee.

i couldn't help myself. i was driving home last night, listening to that fricken awesome ween demos & outtakes, and i couldn't even stand the thought of not seeing them. so i turned my car around, drove to my mom's, came bursting in around 11:30 or so, and ordered the tix before the mood passed. hahahha. be impetuous now, pay debt later. heehee.

but in any case.


oh i am so, so, so, soooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and hey vick, that would be awesome if you guys came down too! maybe we can even work something out, share travel plans or somethin'. we booked our hotel room today (it's the hyatt regency right by the venue, the one they show on that fancy interactive map, ooooooh), there were no rooms left for the saturday night, but there were ones for sunday night (when WEEN plays!). y'all should try & hook something up, it wasn't too crazy expensive or anything.

but anyway. i am soooooooooooo pumped!

has anyone ever been to this festival before, or known anyone who has gone?

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