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What The.... ????????


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pro-lifers are a sick bunch (for some reason the local paper here in town has been printing the James Kopp abortion doctor killer story for a month now... the ol 'killing is condemned by god, so I'll kill you, and you, and you')

they should go to a poor or oppressed country where unwanted children are killed after they're born... mainly I don't like they way they feel they have the right to make other people's choices for them

in any case thats totally screwed up and the person who did it should be removed of any form of responsibility they hold and sent for psychiatric evaluation, if not imprisoned... they obviously can't be trusted and are slipping off the edge, leave them alone they'll do worse

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They did claim it was not a fetus and that the person was diciplined.But also says he wouldn't say whether it was tissue from the woman's miscarriage?!?! Seems a wee bit contradictory to me... ::

In these cases, a new staff member made a mistake. The individual did not follow proper procedure and Saddington said the staff member has been disciplined.

Seems the staff member mailed the tissue samples to the paitent and not to another hospital.

It is hospital policy to return tissue samples to other hospitals, not directly to patients.

Band councillors say the incident happened because the mother is aboriginal.

Although,I'm a strong supporter of the 1st nations people (for personal reasons also) I do beleive that this comment is a bit of a stretch and perhaps made in haste due to the carelessness of the hospital workers and postal service,especially since it was label specimen.

Either way somone fucked up,and possibly the folks who recieved it have taken things abit far claiming it a fetus.I dunno though,still fucked up.

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yeah, i mean, i think thats what blows my mind about the whole thing... the size of that fuck-up. shit, that's a HUGE fuck-up, and for no one to notice? wow. the biggest fuck-up. you cant fuck up like that, man. you're not supposed to. they teach you that, you know, in life in general, dont fuck up that bad. metaphorically speaking, of course.

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