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Simply amazing.


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So the other day I got this disc (in SHN) from New Zealand,no mention of what was on it or from who,so I figure I do alot of Dylan trading with folks around there and figured it was one of 6 discs I've been long awaiting (3 months) so I just tucked it away and sorta forgot it.

Turns out its this....(Jaimoe you'll want a copy of this one,and I got ya covered)


Delaney, Bonnie and Friends

A&R Recording Studios

New York,State NY


1.Come On In My Kitchen (acoust)[5:21]

2.Goin'Down The Road Feeling Bad (acoust)[4:44]

3.Poor Elijah (acoust)[5:36]

4.The Ghetto (acoust)[6:54]

5.Livin'On The open Road [10:27]

6.Better Relations [4:39]

7.???? (Bonnie Bramlett song)[5:32]

8.Don't Want Me Around [10:27]

9.Only You Know & I Know [17:35]

SBD Featuring:

Delaney Bramlett

Bonnie Bramlett

Duane Allman

Greg Allman

King Curtis

Kenny Gradney

Richie Heywood

Sam Clayton

Theres a couple other folks not listed in the text file that comprise the "friends",but they are mentioned on the disc.


My god,you want church,unreal out of this world slide,voices of angels, this is the show!(IMHO)

This show is giving me shivers,its truly one amazing show.

I'm gonna be burning some SHN & audio copies on sunday coming up.

I'll make three SHNs and three audio.

So,if your interested in getting a copy,post here and mentioned which of the formats you'd like.

Only condition is once you recieve this show I'd ask that you listen to it,see what I'm talking about and re-offer it to more folks here.

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