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Accidently stayed in a cat house in Thailand once, ended up stuck there with no money for three days waiting on a bank transfer. The ladies would stand in a row at the top of the stairs and the front one in line would follow you to your room every time. They'd beg to be let in - wouldn't take no for an answer. So my habit became: up the stairs, unlock the door, open door, walk in room, turn around and shove the girl out, slam door, lock door, wait alone and freaked out in the room avoiding going anywhere for fear of repeating the process.

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It was the Oceanside Motel in Oceanside, NY. A nice name for a really, really shitty town. There was no where to stay. I was there w/Mister Slippery and no, we definitly made sure no whores were present.

There were a few in the waiting room when I check out the room. Another great detail was the TV controls were hammered in and you had to rent a remote for $5 a night. Not to mention the gratuitous cum and blood stains throughout the whole room.

fun stuff :)

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