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so we got a little bit of rain in the patch

mikey d

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Guest Low Roller

I heard about that on the Weather Network. If you can go kayaking downtown then do it! You'll probably never get a second chance to paddle to your favorite store again. ;)

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i may not be seeing you in the patch for a couple days there D

C B C . C A N e w s

State of emergency remains in parts of Ontario, Quebec

Last Updated Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:07:43 EDT

PETERBOROUGH, ONT. - A state of emergency remains in effect for Peterborough, Ont., and Témiscaming, Que., after heavy rain overnight caused massive flooding in the two areas. The downpour caused storm sewers to back up in the central Ontario city of Peterborough, leaving much of its downtown core underwater.

"Any more than 50 millimetres will certainly be a challenge," he said. "If it's only 50, we may be able to deal with it."

People were being advised to limit their consumption of drinking water after the city's Jackson Creek overflowed. But the city water supply was declared safe to drink.

Peterborough Mayor Sylvia Sutherland said those living downstream and rely on well water should boil their water before consumption.

Streets have been washed out and most were impassable, with the water almost one-metre deep and lapping at car windows.

"It's insane. We had an officer come in from a place east of here in Havelock, which is about a 20-minute drive from here, and it was bone dry until he reached the outskirts of the city," said Sgt. John Lyons of the Peterborough Lakefield Police Services. "He said it hit him just like a tidal wave."

"It's a localized cell of rain that is just parked over Peterborough. It's just bizarre."

Grant said that earlier in the morning, the current of water was moving so fast down the roads, people would not have been able to stand in it.

"You actually would be taking your life in your hands," he said.

Hundreds of basements have been flooded. Residents were told not pump the water out of their basements because they would be removing clean water with raw sewage.

There have been no injuries reported. A group of senior citizens had to leave their home after their building flooded and the roof caved in.

Further heavy rains were expected across much of Ontario, with specific warnings for Belleville, Haliburton, Algonquin, Pembroke, Smiths Falls and Lanark.

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