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Jimi Hendrix, died this day in 1970

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His best guitar solos combined with passionate and appropriatly angry lyrics:

Machine gun

Tearing my body all apart

Machine gun, yeah

Tearing my body all apart

Evil man make me kill ya

Evil man make you kill me

Evil man make me kill you

Even though we’re only families apart

Well I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber

(you know what I mean)

Hey! and your bullets keep knocking me down

Hey, I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber now

Yeah, but you still blast me down to the ground

The same way you shoot me down, baby

You’ll be going just the same

Three times the pain,

And your own self to blame

Hey, machine gun

I ain’t afraid of your mess no more, babe

I ain’t afraid no more

After a while, your, your cheap talk don’t even cause me pain,

So let your bullets fly like rain

’cause I know all the time you’re wrong baby

And you’ll be going just the same

Yeah, machine gun

Tearing my family apart

Yeah, yeah, alright

Tearing my family apart

(don’t you shoot him down)

(he’s ’bout to leave here)

(don’t you shoot him down)

(he’s got to stay here)

(he ain’t going nowhere)

(he’s been shot down to the ground)

(oh where he can’t survive, no, no)

Yeah, that’s what we don’t wanna hear anymore, alright?

(no bullets)

At least here, huh huh

(no guns, no bombs)

Huh huh

(no nothin’, just let’s all live and live)

(you know, instead of killin’)

May this be

Love or just

Confusion born out of

Frustration wracked

Feelings - of not

Being able to

Make true physical

Love to the

Universal gypsy queen

True, free expressed music

Darling guitar please

Rest. amen


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Thanks Greg.

If you find the box-set too pricey, I just got a new computer with a burner and I could make a copy for you. I usually don't like burning albums ( I like to buy ), but the box as I've said is pricey.

Is Nine To The Universe a part of these sessions included on this official bootleg? Listen to samples here. I must have this record: http://www.daggerrecords.com/disc3music.html


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I don't think it is,no tracks I can see on it from Nine to the universe.I actually am getting the box set soon,I was looking at it yesterday at Cheapies in Hamilton here,can't recall the price but I definatley am going to grab it.Thanks though.

Here's a good review (although short) of the album,pretty much hits it right on.


The album that demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt why Jimi Hendrix still reigns supreme as the God of Guitar. Jimi takes no vocals on any of the six tracks, preferring instead to let his guitar cry and sing. This is a brilliant example of Jimi's fluid improvisational genius. He playing is ratcheted up another notch in the fertile jam-session setting of these astounding recordings, which showcase his creative energy and virtuosity. We are able to hear Hendrix thinking aloud, and he consistently astounds the listener with the force of his ideas. He pairs up on one track with legendary jazz organist Larry Young (who played with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew), creating a jazz-rock masterpiece that outshines in intensity anything recorded by latter day guitar heroes. The electrifying interplay that he and Young achieve leaves one wondering what kind of music Jimi could have made with Miles Davis, had he not died just one week before they were scheduled to record together in a London studio. This session hints strongly at one of the many possible directions Jimi's music was headed prior to his tragic death in September 1970. This long out-of-print masterpiece deserves to be immediately re-released. Write to your local congressman.

--John Ballon (email)

[color:"red"] Nine to the Universe


1. Nine to the Universe (8:46)

2. Jimi/Jimmy Jam (7:58)

3. Young/Hendrix Jam (10:22)

4. Easy Blues (4:17)

5. Drone Blues (6:16)


Jimi Hendrix: Guitar

Jim McCartey: Guitar

Larry Lee: Guitar

Larry Young: Organ

Billy Cox: Bass

Dave Holland: Bass

Buddy Miles: Drums

Mitch Mitchell: Drums

Juma Edwards: Percussion

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