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New Trey album - Plasma


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Any thoughts on the new album? I picked it up yesterday and I enjoyed listening to it last night. Pretty sick 2nd disc with the funky mixed Innertube on it. The songs are well played and recorded, and 2 of the tracks are from the Portland, ME show I was able to catch on 10/24/02!

Anyone else grab the album and listen to it. The packaging is cool, and the discs flow nicely. I can't wait for the Hammerstein shows!!


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Originally posted by jay sanislo:


just went to the mall couldnt find it anywhere, i should of known limeridgemall music stores SUCK

or maybe i was too baked to see it

nowhere to find in the new releases or under phish or under trey anastasio himself.

Did you ask the staff? (And I always ask the question that assumes the answer I want. I wouldn't ask, "Do you have the new Trey Anastasio Band album?", I'd assume they have it, and ask, "I'm looking for the new Trey Anastasio Band album. Where would I find it?")

Asking is a good thing, because if they don't know about it, or do know about it but don't think there'll be demand for it, it'll let 'em know that there's at least one customer who'll give them money for it.



P.S. dave-O: Did you buy it here in Ottawa? If so, where?

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