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Thursday, Dec 9th

Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King Williamm, Hamilton

$10.00, showtime 10pm (EARLY)



Autorickshaw is a world music ensemble that embodies the essence of new forms of expression that are emerging on the Canadian music landscape. Their integration of South Asian tradition with jazz and other popular music forms represents an innovative and refreshing new standard.

autorickshaw thrives on the diverse musical backgrounds of its members-vocalist and pianist Suba Sankaran, tabla player Ed Hanley, bassist Rich Brown, and percussionist Debashis Sinha.

The ensemble's repertoire includes funky, contemporary arrangements of south Indian classical compositions, Bollywood tinged jazz standards, and fiery Indo-jazz originals. Contact autorickshaw@autorickshaw.ca

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I am a big fan of Autorickshaw, seems great minds think alike. I have been meaning to write to the board and tell them to get out and support these guys. Saw them first at Hillside two years ago and worked with them at Guelph Jazz this year. The sound is much more palatable to dancing heads now. The bass is very Wootronic and increasingly their doing some D & B vamps. Suba is a really talented vocalist as is Ed (his dad Dr. W.B. Hanley was oddly enough mine, my brothers and sister's pediatrician growing up).

Please go out and support these guys any chance you get.

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Definitely a unique sound. When I saw them at Hillside I didn't enjoy the Joni scat covers (a track off that album she did with Jaco Pastorius...can't remember the title) but maybe their sound has changed?

That album is called "Hejira" I think! I love it.

Anyway, live tabla is hard to find so go out and enjoy it.

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I really enjoy the new album "Four Higher",unique is a good word for them thats for sure.I won't be at this show though instead doing one last nero run,but if things change I will definatley be at this show.Great band.

Thanks KC.

Any chance you could share some MP3s from that album? I would love one or two - especially "Ganamurthy". They play this song on Village 900 here in Victoria and I just think it's amazing.


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