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i need some help with this nero video i have.


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the video is from the last show at the lanc a few weeks ago. its my first attempt to shoot a video(yep. i had to find a new hobby besides drinking). i for sure need to invest in a tripod. i'd say its a B-. i missed the encore because i ran out of tape. the sound is complete sh!t. so if someone has an audio tape and can work some hitech magic with my video we should hook it up.

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Oh man, I have been lost in that part of the game.

The first thing you have to do is trade your cable in town, provided you have 35 pairs. Once you do that, you can meet Whitey at the bar. When he offers to buy you a drink, say "Yes"

From there, you get to meet Velvet and things start to happen.

That is such a WICKED video game!

I cant wait for part d'uh.

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I am part owner of an audio post company in Toronto and have contributed to many broadcast televison shows.

If you can supply me with a final edit of the show and the music I can master the audio, sync it to piture and get it onto DVD.

I do this as the Punk is a good friend and old room mate and had the pleasure of meeting Dave & Jay through Chris.

You can find us on the web at www.renegadeaudio.ca



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