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Plaskett and the Spades this Saturday!

snarfmaster C

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is there already a thread about this show? i know there's talk of a potluck in some other thread, but i can't remember which...

so here it is.

hokey jumpins i'm looking forward to this show. i can hardly wait to flash plaskett my tits. ::

veg potluck @ the cowboy's city ranch --- i'll bring chili

cowboy- what kind of kitchen appliances do you have again? is chili a bad idea if i need a stovetop to heat it up?

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i can hardly wait to flash plaskett my tits

i'm planning on flashing him my drugs. which is what male groupies do to hang out with rock stars.

I think i have 2 burner hot plate if it's needed.

are you going to hit up the spades on friday? i'm thinking we should be able to make this one. my people will be in touch with your people.

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ya, there's a 2 burner hot plate here

there's a big bed and a pull out couch available for anyone who wants to crash after the show.

i don't mind hosting the post party as well as the pre

mooose...how about those dank vegan brownies you make!?!?

does everybody like red wine? i plan on getting lots of wine and beer for us all ::

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You guys are having a vegetarian potluck and I wasn't invited?

:: :(

You're all dead to me.

What the HELL was I thinking!!??

Julia, you are SO invited to this. PLEASE come and bring that basher fella ::

You both should totally be in attendance.

forgive me dumb ass for forgetting you :( ::

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