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  1. amazing. I'm trying to track down my past, thought I might find some clues in the forum... and what do I do? I click on the official jellied salad thread. nope. no clues here... as you were!
  2. I'm on my way to philly now! Got tix for tomorrow night would LOVE a pair for tonight! Will message u my contact :-D
  3. very happy i got the night off, and all of monday morning to recover
  4. margot kidder's in the news. thought i'd share, i thought of you. cbc story
  5. awesome how do yer 500cc's do at highway speeds? maybe i should meet ya halfway, and we could cruise around from there? i put over 1000km on mine in the first week and a half! i think i'm in love. p.s. why'd ya have to bring up my harley post? i miss it. trying to forget...
  6. oh ya i saw one hundred dollars a bunch of years ago. i super dug them. i think they were the opener and i liked them more than whoever was headlining... have fun everybody!
  7. ouch! my liver just cringed at the thought of the celebration to come. happy birthday buddy!
  8. so what's the pre-game plan? is there a hotel room of debauchery? i don't have a ticket but want to catch up for drinks beforehand at least...
  9. DevO is KevO!!!!!! yay! I was wondering where KevO had gone...
  10. Ya, that's kinda weirdo. $20 to stream a show?!?! I wanna know how to become a part of the studio audience!!! Probably gotta be sleeping with someone or making them piles of money. THat's not me, so I guess I'll just have to do shoreline...
  11. last time i saw karl was kdtu about a decade or so ago might have been with bones, as we were hangin putr at the time, dontchaknow... anyhoo, it sucked. mighta been the travel, the leftover salmon, any number of factors, but it wasn't that good. then, i was at New Orleans jazz fest this year - saw karl (still as KDTU!) at tipitinas. DANCED MY ASS OFF TIL 5AM and I C OULDN"T STAND NO MORE. awesome. kdtu has been redeemed in my books. one of my fave after-hours shows of jazzfest (though i missed lucinda, and aparently she killed, though her jazzfest slot was a snoozer) anyhoo, have fun at hillside. karl &his TU are rockin. p.s. get yer asses down to new orleans - MAN is that city sweet!
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