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101 Dumbest moments in Business


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some pretty amusing true tales of wierdness courtesy of Business2.com

What's the problem? We love a guy who stands behind his product.

James Joseph Minder, chairman of gunmaker Smith & Wesson, is forced to resign when newspaper reporters discover that, before becoming a corporate exec, he'd spent 15 years behind bars for a string of armed robberies and an attempted prison escape.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Do as I say, not as I...hey, get a load of those!

After joining the Bank of Ireland as CEO, Michael Soden issues a dictate: No porn surfing on the job. His next dictate: The IT department is to be outsourced to Hewlett-Packard. Shortly after the outsourcing deal goes through, IT staffers, now employed by HP, discover porn on Soden's computer. Soden resigns, leaving the bank and HP scrapping over who should pay his severance, estimated at $5 million.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

A clerk at the Fashion Bug store in Greensburg, Pa., accepts a $200 bill—and gives the customer $100.58 in change—even though the bill is festooned with clues that it might not be legal tender, including a picture of President George W. Bush and the serial number DUBYA4U2001.

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Not dumb, but an ongoing and yet unresolved arrogant failure:

Krispy Kreme's utter failure to capture the Canadian market.

True they didn't have lasting power, but when they opened up their franchise in Mississauga the line ups were insane... I remember sitting in line for hours (yes hours) to get some fresh Krispy Kremes... I still say they're the best donuts on the planet... Especially when their fresh and hot. I stopped eating donuts since I've moved to Ottawa, largely in part to the lack of a Krispy Kreme franchise being here...

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I'm far from addicted, but if you wanted a Krispy Kreme you had to line up for hours. I remember me and Alexis thought we'd be smart and go over at 4am one day... We were in line for about an hour and a half... It was crazy... I think if they had opened more franchises at once, as opposed to feeling out the market, Krispy Kreme would have been a force to be reckoned with. (I'm glad you think it was a waste of time, I didn't realize you were the authority on what the best use of one's time was)

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