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So Ihad this crew of painters doing my house the other week.So I get chatting with this lady , named Erica from Guelph, and she notices the disc and we talk about music.She says there was a guy she used to work with ,into the same kinda of thing.It seems he and she had similar names so they decided to call him Bigga.

She also is my cousins partner,so I thought I would drop a line.

So if you see this Bigga , Erica sends her best wishes , to a past co-worker and buddy.

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it seems good folks find good folks...

Watch what you're callin' Friendly now Tigger!!

Speaking of small worlds Friendly - and Boogieknight and Amber. I met a couple here last weekend that know you. She said she recognized me from Burties shows - but those were very hazy times - so I couldn't say the same! However, somewhere in there she looked vaguely familiar. Her name is Erin, I believe, and I can't remember his name (last weekend was a hazy one too) but they were both really nice folk. Boogieknight said you and amber might be coming out here.....any truth to that?

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