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Jarek Smietana


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I must thank StoneMtn for sending me some if the finest Jazz i've heard in a very long time.

the guy's name is Jarek Smietana and he's more than just a smartypants noodler over a head.

there's something about Jazz from Europe nowadays that gets to me. I absolutely love the depth of the ECM record label, and i find it increasingly hard to come across a jazz guitarist nowadays that does it for me.

In the package I got I also got some Da, some All That, some Fela Kuti, and another african CD...which i have since lent to my mechanic and don't know the title on the disc.

absolutely sick picks from the kickinest unfrozen caveman lawyer around.

anyhow, more on jarek

One of the premiere jazz musicians in Poland. For many years, jazz guitarist No.1 in jazz critics' and listeners' pools (magazines: Jazz Forum, Jazz, Gitara i Bass, Muzyk). Winner of "Fryderyk '98" award for "Songs And Other Ballads". Honoured with President of Cracow Prize for eminent achievements on culture. One of the top guitar players in Europe.

Since 1975 till 1981, he was the leader of the legendary Polish jazz group "Extra Ball". Since 1982 till today he was the leader of the following groups: "Sounds", Big Band "Symphonic Sound Orchestra", "Polish Jazz Stars Band" (with most of the top jazz musicans from Poland). He was also a co-leader of very famous "Namysłowski-Śmietana Quartet". Jarek Śmietana has been playing all around the world (major festivals, concert tours, workshops) including USA and India.

During his musical career he has been playing and recording together with such great artists: Art Farmer, Freddie Hubbard, Eddie Henderson, Joe Zawinul, Gary Bartz, Carter Jefferson, Vince Mednoza, John Abercrombie, Hamiet Bluiett, Idris Muhammad, Ronnie Burrage, Harvie Swartz, Mike Stern, Jack Wilkins, Zbigniew Seifert, Cameron Brown, Andy McKee, Greg Brandy, David Gilmore, Dave Friedman.

Śmietana is a very talented composer and teacher, too. He wrote about 200 jazz songs and has been leading many workshops and clinics. His dicography includes 23 recordsa as a leader and plenty of records as a sideman with other artists. In last years Śmietana together with world known jazz giants created a lot of very interesting "special jazz projects".


"... All the notes fall naturally into place. Never garrulous or merely exhibicionistic, it is a jazz concert of the highest calibre. Each phrase is swinging and is full of drive and feeling. In brief, that is how you can describe the music of Jarek Śmietana, one of the most outstanding Polish jazz musicans. He has created his own music style and indyvidual sound, always personal yet constantly communicative. His first priority is the highest possible artistic level".

(Leszek Kotarski, "Jazz Forum")


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That disc is one of those stellar finds that keeps me an obsessive hunter through bargain bins. The CD was missing one of the inserts for the jewel case, which I presume is why I was able to pick it up, new, for two bucks. ::

(It's finds like that which cause me to look through every CD bargain bin I see anywhere...)

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there's something about Jazz from Europe nowadays that gets to me. I absolutely love the depth of the ECM record label...

ECM is one of the finest labels out there - I don't think I've ever been disappointed with any purchase from their catalogue. Plus, they all *sound* fabulous! Hooray for Manfred Eicher!!

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