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Playlist for "Jamgrass" - April 19


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Hey everyone,

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! Just wanted to remind everyone that "Jamgrass" will air today on 93.5fm here in St John's or via the web at;


The show airs at 4pm Nfld time, 2:30pm ON time, 12:30pm BC time etc....

It's going to be a great show! Songs and info from YMSB, Train 45, Diesel Dog to new a few :)

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Thanks Cleve from Steveland.....ya I really plugged a lot of shit before that last song!! Glad you picked that up!!

Was a great show.....I was quite impressed with myself really. It was the first show that I didn't open up the wrong CD player while the song was playing!!

Here's the playlist for today's show;

1) One More Ride (Cash & Stuart) - Busy Bee Cafe

2) Swing Low Sweet Chariot (IIIrd Tyme Out) - Bluegrass Spirit

3) Fox on the Run (Younder Mountain String Band) - 12.31.02

4) My Mother's Only Son (Yonder Mountain String Band) - 3.29.02

5) 9lb Hammer (Train 45) - Train 45

6) Good Times Around the Bend (String Cheese Incident) - Round the Wheel

7) I've Just Seen A Face (String Cheese Incident) - 10.21.00

8) Animator (Diesel Dog) - 11.13.04

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