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Sellafield Meltdown?!


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Is it just me or is this pretty big news?

Sellafield leak doesn't affect Ireland - Govt

09/05/2005 - 19:13:59

The Government insists the latest radioactive leak at Sellafield has no implications for Ireland.

Twenty tonnes of spent fuel leaked from pipes into a steel container three weeks ago, the scale of which is only becoming apparent now.

The highly radioactive leak has forced the closure of Sellafield's multi-billion euro reprocessing plant.

It is reportedly half the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and is too radioactive for staff to enter.

The plutonium content is estimated to be enough for 20 nuclear weapons.

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I am constantly astounded to read people writing about how nuclear is the way to go - no GHG emmissions etc. and only minimal risk.

Yeah, this sort of thing doesn't happen very often, but when it does...

Ah well, until people get outta the cars and start walking/biking/riding horses and figure out that air-drying works on clothing etc. this is what we get.

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I *think* that McGuinty has actually invested a great deal into green sources. There are wind farms going in in Ontario, there are, I believe, tax breaks for people and businesses exploring green energy (even for hybrid cars and the like). I think they also stepped up production at Niagara Falls.

Green is the way to go...

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The thing that I never hear people discussing are the effects that the removal of that energy may have. Wind is taking energy from the air: What effect may that have on weather patterns and such. Solar is absorbing energy that would otherwise be absorbed by the earth: What effects may that have on the planet?


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QQC would be the fella to talk to. Works for a wind energy company makin maps (sweet job!)

I think that they are adequately spaced as to not effect the wind patterns \/\/illy. Don't quote me but i heard it somewhere...Tigger? Craig? no idea.

On the solar power, urban sprawl will likely cover the areas anyway so why not stick panels on every house in a neighbourhood while you build them, work them into the cost of a house, demand goes up, price goes down cuz everyones sellin them....Bingo! Problem solved. Man that was easy :)

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