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Hey Tungsten


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I was wondering if you could help me with some technical taping info. I just purchased a bass roll-off filter module and the frequency ranges from 16Hz to 888Hz. I was wondering if you are familiar with these frequency's, say if I wanted to tape a Jimmy Swift Show what level would you recommend;








Thanks in Advance,


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While c-town's got your attention...

Hey Eric, could you email me the songlists for your Pavement mix and your Butthole Surfers mix? I'm checkin' out d2 of the Pavement mix --- awesome!!!

Thanks eh. Hope you like the Cuts!

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Strange strange...

Well both you guys can email me tungstengruvsten@jambands.ca anytime and i'll get it within a day...

Kev-i'm gonna email them to your jambands acct-

On the surfers one, pay special attention to PSY, Dust Devil, Johnny Smoke and the Wooden Song....some of my favourite tunes ever!

James, I'd say anywhere 107 to 195 is safe, depends on how boomy the mic's sound in a particular room.

If those frequencies are selectable via a switch-get there during sound check and while they are playing, slowly step through the switch settings while recording. Then before the show, listen back to it and use the one that sounds best...

good luck!

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