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Garaj Mahal w/ Themasses


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My buddy in the states that turned me onto the slip months ago just told me about this

if u havent heard garaj mahal then do yourself a favour, theyre fucking GOOD

Friday & Saturday nights:

Friday co-bill with Themasses

Saturday co-bill with the Living Daylights

The Fairview Pub

898 West Broadway St.

Vancouver, BC

Doors: 8:00

Shows: 9:00

$20 cad

i think someone on this board is in themasses? it would be sweet if this show could be taped...

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yup, that's us - we're stoked to say the least... The entire show will be taped and made available to y'all via Direct Connect and/or mp3's on jamhub.

I just hope this guy gets on stage with us for a jam tonight:



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definately garaj mahal is a band that will be turning heads.

I have three shows (6:16/9:20/11:04/2002), and all three are tight. Wish we could get these guys around here....hopefully the slip will spread the word about southern ontario....

Bands i would love to see up here:

Garaj Mahal

Jacob Freed Jazz Odyssey


Marco Benevento & Joe Russo

Robert Walter's 20th Congress



Definately tons of great upandcoming bands out there...

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yeah i wonder too ike.... all sorts of bands play BC but no toronto shows or hammertown or anything in ontario for that matter.

lots of folks think bc is where its at i guess but i think its blowing up everywhere lately

frontier is a great example of how much the scene is growing

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I guess I was talking mostly about Garaj Mahal and Robert Walter's 20th Congress. Those are two bands that have got to come to Ontario soon. Being from Ontario I feel offended when bands I love come to Canada but not Ontario. But I'm sure we already get more than our fair share of great bands out this way. I shouldn't be complaining.

Congrats on the opening slot weezy. I'm sure it will be a great night.

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Dude, I have mad Garaj Mahal. I've been trying to get people into them for awhile. Fareed Haque is definately one of the top guitarists around, and his other band the Fareed Haque Group is sick as well. I have a few of their shows as well if anyone's interested. I'd love to see them play Toronto, it'd be a sick show guaranteed. As for other US bands I'd like to see:

raq - SICK! SICK! SICK! So they kind of sound like Phish... do you hate Phish? These guys will be huge...

Del McCoury Band - bluegrass at it's finest... Daddy Del is the man!

Dr. Didg - phat ass shit, this guy blows my mind...

Garage A Trois - Skerik, Stanton Moore & Charlie Hunter... I wouldn't mind seeing that...

Phish - remember when these guys actually used to tour here?

The list goes on and on... do yourself a favour and see Garaj Mahal if you have the chance, damn you west coasters!!!

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Just gotta put my 2 cents in: Usually I'm a very positive/optimistic person regarding bands in the scene.

However, Garaj Mahal plain sucks. To be fair and objective, Fareed is a magician on the guitar. But simply he's a wanker, plays too many notes, and spends most of his time jerking himself off on stage. That goes for the rest of the band, all amazing players, but egotistical to the point of nausea. It's one of the only jam/groove shows I've ever thought this.

So sorry to get negative for a sec, but every good debate needs two sides to the story.


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points noted, greasy, but here's my review of what I witnessed last night..


That's pretty much all I could say.... My mind hasn't been that blown since Phish at the Concert Hall in 91'. I'm serious. Fareed is ABSOLUTELY THE SICKEST PLAYER I HAVE EVER WITNESSED IN MY LIFE. TREY DOESN'T COME EVEN CLOSE. Every member of that band is so off the charts, it's not of this world. There are no words.

Our opening slot went really well also. Garaj was late in arriving, so our start time was pushed a bit, and we ended up playing to a full house and full dancefloor. Then I got to discuss guitars with Fareed and even strum his trademark 64' Les Paul. And then smoked a few cannons with Alan Hertz. Damn. Killer night. I'm going back for more tonight.

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