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Any Tapers planning to record shows at the Toronto Jazzfest?

Joshdust Torture

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I remember seeing a documentary of Dizzy Gillespie visiting Cuba and checking out their jazz scene in the 70's. At one point he jammed with a young Arturo Sandoval - Dizzy was on piano ( and a fine piano player he was ).

Anyway, Sandoval was " on " and Dizzy was noticably impressed - which I can imagine wasn't an easy thing to do. I'd love to see Sandoval this summer in Toronto, or at least hear a board recording.

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I highly doubt you will heard sBD recordings for any gigs unless people have a connection with the band - even so, I don't think they'd be released.

I agree though, this is the first I've seen Sandoval come to the tojazz series. It will be quite interesting, unfortunately, I have another gig to record that night (that I'll actually get paid for!!) and probably won't make it down to the jazzfest 'till later to catch the tail end of his set.

Not many acts have open taping policies. After all, this is jazzfest..not jambandfest ;o)

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