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Adirondack Mountain Music Festival


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... was awesome fun!

Thanks for encouraging me to join you Mark, Tigger, Deb, Pinchy, Ms. Hux, Bouche! The lot of you are definitely some of the most fun people I've partied with in a long time!

Love and peace!

PS: The border was smooth as silk for me on the way back! [big Grin]

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So glad you made the journey and hooked up with us.

That was an absolute blast!!!

My mind was blown time after time by the great tunes that I heard, but I think the late night Benevento & Russo show was the musical highlight for me. I've never danced so hard in my entire life, and I like to dance! [Wink][big Grin][Wink]

Having said that, Steve Kimock, Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Soulive, Derek Trucks, The Session with Charlie Hunter, and the Disco Biscuits all got my body dancing and my mind spinning, as did our Saturday afternoon and night time jam sessions under the tarp in the rain. Good clean fun!!!

And what a great venue ... there's nothing like dancing on sand surrounded by a lake.

Thanks Scot (Tigger), Deb, Trevor (Mr. Pinchy), Wi!!y, Bouche, Ms. Hux, and all of the other awesome people that I talked with and laughed with and danced with all weekend.

Two memorable quotes from the weekend:

"Send that one to Mr. Pinchy."

"Giddy up Mr. Pinchy."

One memorable sound/action from the weekend: the Possum "bam" combined with the Tigger "kick it up a notch" leg kick.

Many many many happy stories to share from the weekend, but they'll have to wait until I get more sleep and have more time and until my "scrambled eggs brain" gets put back together.

Peace, Mark

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Yup, that was some fun for sure. I am so glad we camped where we did. I enjoyed the company of Willy, Deb, Tigger, Mr. Pinchy and Tonin SO DAMN MUCH!!! Our jams under the tarp camp was a highlight for me. Tonin played the chip bag percussion like nobody's business!

There will be a huge review and pictures to come, but I urge people not to miss this one next year. It is full of kind people, on the most beautiful spot for a festival there ever could be, relatively low key (around 4000 people), very well orgaized with lots of clean potties, great vendors that have good products for reasonable prices, and the music, man what a killer line-up. With the exception of Soullive, I hadn't seen any of the bands before and I was blown away with every single one of them.

I'm with you Tonin, Benevento Russo was the gem of the weekend. I'll be writing a review on just them alone. And the Sunday morning session with Charlie Hunter, Medeski, DJ Logic, Joe Russo and sax player Skerik (who borrowed my hat for the cold show!) blew my brains out! I had no idea such music could be created before noon on day three!!!

We met some artists and some great festival goers from all over and despite the medicore weather, we had an absolute blast!

No trouble at the border either way...smooth sailing!

More to come....

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Had an absolutely amazing time at AMMF, I'll definitely check it out again. Starting with the Steve Kimock Band on Friday and ending with Derek Trucks Band on Sunday afternoon it was killer!!Not the greatest weather Saturday but it didn't matter much, great crew of folks to party with.........Tigger(Scot), Deb, Mark T., Sharon, Booche and Willy. Thanks for the laughs ...there were plenty [big Grin]

Highlights musically:

Kimock and his Franklin teases

STS9- the entire set.....mind blowing

Benevento and Russo...incredible


Derek Trucks, especially Kofi Burbridge on keys and flute

Boche and Mrs. H sitting around the camp playing lots of Dead!!

Highly recommended!!!!!!

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My musical hightlights were:


Disco Biscuits

Benevento and Russo

Booche & Ms. Hux (with wildman Tonin on the chip bags and Tigger kicking it up and Mr . Pinchy screaming out the opening verse to "The Race Is On" and Deb and I just sitting back and enjoying it in glee!)

Ween had some potential but boy did I find the crowd trying. It was way too much baseball cap wearing, cigarette pack tucked into the sleeve, square-jawed yokels giving the band and everyone else the finger and screaming obsenities about female genatilia.

Some of my favourite quotes:

Ms. Hux - "Well then giddy-up Mr. Pinchy!"

American #1 - "Wow, do you guys have like Canadian money and shit up there?"

American #2 - "I'm tripping out man: You've got like hockey players on your money."

American #2 - "Too much heady buds? I've never even heard of that." - which almost immediately triggered the group response, "No kidding!"

American #1 - "You guys sure know how to party!"

Damn that was fun. When are we doing that again? Anyone got a spot I can host a couple of movies? You've got to see Mr. T. on the chip bags!

Love and peace!

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I've got a special surprise for everyone! I've actually got video footage of Tonin playing the chip bags! LOL [big Grin] I've also got some footage of Bouche and Ms. Hux having a little sing along session.

I thought I was shooting still pictures but I guess I had left my digital camera in video mode. If I had only known I would have grabbed a shot of Tigger's "kicking-it-up-a-notch-kick" and we could have synchronized it with Bouche's "Possum" sound effect that we grabbed with the MP3 player. Talk about reliving the experience!

Love and peace!

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This weekend was fine , had a great time.It was great to see so many bands i've never seen before .The folks in my company were fundabulous,between seeing fruit on fire,a character from the movie scream and giggling until my brain hurt, this was one of my most enjoyable festival outings.

Check the ammf next year and let's hope the same people are booking the bands.

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This is Deb, posin' as Tigger. Just wanted to say thanks to the AMMF crew for an absolute blast! Didn't have a whole lot to add to the jam sessions, except the constant smile and the occasional, uncontrolled outburst of laughter! You guys are a riot. Still not 100% happy about being back in the real world.

Stellar lineup, stellar company...thanks again and I hope to see you again soon.

...Doogie Howser?!! Giddyup, Mr.Pinchy!

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