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Fix beer- gem du jour

Davey Boy 2.0

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Im not surprised. I used to work at The Beer store and some guy from Molson told me that a lot of the beers are from the exact same batch, just bottled and marketed differently. Then, a friend of mine tried to tell me that Canadian and Rikards are the same, except rickards has food colouring added. I havent done the taste test yet to prove him wrong. Bottom line: As long as they dont lie about the Alcohol % we'll all be okay.

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i just want to put the word out there one last time- Fix is the best of the cheap beers out there


It's all about:


I became quite partial to Lucky the last time I hung out with you Del. I actually caught myself purchasing a case that weekend I believe. The memory is a little foggy though. Sorry to tell you, but I haven't invested in Lucky since then. Guinness is just a beverage I can't do without.

If the funds are tight (which they usually are) I've been opting for Carlsberg which is priced at a reasonable $30.00 and has been for a month and a half I believe.

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