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  1. Haha, yeah, the good olde days indeed! I'll PM you my cell# and we be #havinbeers!
  2. Well, am I sure happy that this thread is still active! How you fockers doing, anyway? I am planning to make it to TO for Phish in June, but as this thread has documented, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men...well, you know, haha. At this point, I at least have a plane ticket booked, so that's something! (seriously miss you guys and this forum!)
  3. I've been really enjoying this guy's stuff lately.
  4. Aw man, I was so sad to read the news this morning. My deepest condolences to all of you close to BradM.
  5. That's pretty cool. My kids are 6 and 11, however, so I am all too well acquainted with T Swift. You should eventually listen to her songs to really appreciate what he's done with this album. To paraphrase a quote I read from him "I wanted to make the album as though it was written in a parallel universe".
  6. This guy's the best. A Nova Scotia gem.
  7. Yikes, Patrick O'Sullivan's story is a sad one. It's true what he says about where you get good at sports though. Give it a read, it's worth it: http://www.theplayerstribune.com/patrick-osullivan-nhl-abuse/
  8. How long before they start talking about firing Babcock? I mean, if they haven't already...
  9. That was really tough to watch. The whole rest of the season was so awesome and then that happened. All you had to do was bunt a guy over now and then. One bunt, it's all we needed. One bunt.
  10. Did either of you catch Bautista's at-bat during the rally inning? Where he walked? Holy crap, that was probably the greatest walk ever. Volquez threw him like ten ridiculously live fastballs in a row and he just kept fowling them off until he worked the count to full. When Volquez finally threw him a cruve it only missed by maybe half an inch but Bautista managed to hold up (legitimately) just enough. It was amazing. I thought Edwin was gonna park the next pitch but Volquez stayed far away from him. I completely forgot that Tulo was able to do what he did
  11. We have some life! Estrada has been my favorite pitcher to watch since he threw that one hitter back in July, I think it was. And how about that Tulo?
  12. Right now I'd rather watch C-town eat a shoe. God damn you Jays!
  13. I got MLB the Show 2015 for the ps3 this year. I updated my roster after the Tulo and Price trades and played the playoffs. I had a ball game the next day and said this to the guys on my team: "Holy shit guys. I just updated the Jays roster on the Show. It's pretty freaking insane." We got this. I'm so scared. Beer should help.
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