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Hey Y'all,

I'm looking to start a new project in the Toronto area. It would be a Jam/improv orientated band based on a foundation of fusion (mainly rock/funk but other styles as well) with prog leanings. I drum, looking for guitar and keys. I have a bass player in mind but would be interested in jamming with other bass players as well. Essentially I'm looking for chemistry and a like-minded vision amongst the players. Any takers?

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This is a recipe for miraculization.

in future, please use CANADIAN/BRITISH spelling for your made-up lexicon. That's how it works in MY universe, anyway. And if I can reduce such annoyances, the doctor says I can cut down on my meds! :P

[color:blue]I need a MIRACULISATION!!!

but serioulsy, good luck, y'all...and if you need a jam space, we have ample room here!!!!:P:P:P:P

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that was a total joke, my friend....we're waaaaaay down the 401. We just have too many nearby and awesome musician friends who consistently whine that OSGOODE is not damn good enough for them to travel to (you know who you are*!!!)

but...if you ever ARE in the neighbourhood, funkybeats.......we're known to host wicked parties!

* there! anyone who misssed a dinner party here will feel righteously singled out!

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