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  1. I'm going to make it to a January show!! ("What nice long setlists you have Mr.Snelgrove")
  2. sorry to those who called/sent a pm a little later than nec. to scoop up those tix....they went supa-fast. see youse at the show!! ;-)
  3. a friend & I have 3 extra tickets to sell....believe it or not!! Speak quickly b/c they were also offered up on FB (rather, text quickly, pls...-406-0507) CAN'T WAIT for this show and all the SoOn peeps making the trek!!! mwahahahahaha~
  4. see you at the Lips and Soundgarden! I have to bring my daughter to Skrillex unfortunately!~
  5. Dead Man's Hat... totally underplayed, under-hyped, under- appreciated!! anyone who has seen ;em live knows what I'm talking about http://deadmanshat.ca/
  6. Sharon, I'll be there with bells on! I'm so happy to know that your voice and energy finally have an outlet
  7. now THAT was a weekend!! as always...a shout-out to Sean for the awesome gig. My personal highlights: ~~chats and hugs from most of Arrested Development. ~~Everything Hoots and Hellmouth. (the CD I bought has been on rotation ALL day...and I just giddily discovered they are on the archive!!) ~~learning contra dancing on Saturday morning (I do believe I will join/participate in the local contra-dance group when they meet twice per month in the west-end) ~~ washing/drying dishes in the Enviro-tent with the drummer from Hidden Cameras and then ending up on stage with them banging on the tambourin
  8. I know J...I thought the same thing! "How totally wrong, but terribly logical in a warped way!" There's a science-centre museum right at the Old Port, Heather. And simply walking through the fairly huge Chinatown was always interesting for us as a family, as was simply walking along St. Catherine. There are SO many outdoor fest happening in Mtl all summer, so hopefully you'll just catch something fun by happenstance! BTW: did all you folks know that all Science Centres in North America give complimentary admission to people who have their own local museum memberships? So what this means is tha
  9. check out "da boss" (scroll to the bottom of the page) http://www.ottawafolk.org/volunteer/?profiles ...he's one cool cucumber to work for! hope to see lots of you there!!!
  10. once more a request for a working link... please and thank-you!
  11. ahahahahaha!! Schwa and ReDD...I heart you both....you speak truth. Punk, little Miss Lucy Maud looks soooo sweet. What a fabulous name. Ima happy for you, but envious, too.
  12. I'm so sorry to have missed so many peeps that made a special trip to O-Town for this show... but I somehow (and absolutely unforseen -- thank you Sean Taylor!!), ended up directly front and centre, and had the time of my life. 20+ years of seeing this band and never dreamed of being close enough to so enjoy Phil's beatific smile!!! I missed Jerry so much, but he was definitely "channeled" ... Wharf Rat was an incredible moving moment for me....felt like I had time travelled, indeed!
  13. Brad, it was a pleasure (as it always is) to run into you before the show. My immense thanks for this recording and the many, many others you have made available to all of us over the years. I can't wait to begin streaming this: it was a super-special night for me, as after 20 years of seeing the Grateful Dead (and then its many permutations) from mostly "lawns seats" and "nose bleed" sections, I found myself, literally FRONT and CENTRE!!! **I still miss Jerry so much**
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