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enjoy moe.? have itunes/ipod? enter.

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i have the entire nye weekend that moe. played in asheville in mp4 format.

there are no skips between transitions, and transitions are divided by chapters instead of tracks. you can still skip to songs, but its all one track.

for example,

The Road->CIA->meat->water->meat->timmy tucker->head->the road

is one long hour and fifty minute track, but on your ipod, the track is diveded into chapters, and you can still skip to songs, without the gap between transitions.

very cool.....

anyone that wnats any of the sets, aol or msn instant message me. i'll send it your way.

i highly recommend getting the set i posted above... SET TWO from the 30th.

aol: dimafleck

msn: dima_beznosov@hotmail.com

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