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(Ottawa) - need t-shirt's made?


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mabey ask moeron where BridgeHead goes...but only 6 shirts will probably be pricey anywhere unfortunately.

Oh actually....gees this is vague but I remember a guy from the market also makes shirts...cheap and I think if you wander along Sparks closer to downtown he has a sign outside a store(possibly souveneer or imports)advertising t-shirt makage???

...sorry thats vague I know.

goodluck. :)

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if you have a good printer at home you can always try those iron on transfers that go in your printer.

I also remember using a shop out on Colonnade Rd. to do a one off. It only cost my like $30.00, though I think I had to supply the shirt. It is expensive if you compare that cost to just buying a shirt at a store, but for a single custom shirt I was happy paying that price. Sorry I can't remember the name of the shop though.

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