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Umphrey's Podcast 23


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Fuck me with gently with a chainsaw, this band does it for me.

Joel Cummins is the star of this one for me. He is really bacoming an all-star keyboard player.

The bliss moment (one of many) for this one is about the 14:00 min mark.

00:00 Example 1 - (12.03.05 - The Showbox, Seattle, Washington)

10:41 Dump City >

14:38 "Jimmy Stewart" >

24:01 Hajimemashite >

29:25 Dump City - (12.30.05 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois)

30:35 I Ran >

34:52 Kimble

38:56 Bad Poker - (12.06.05 - Crystal Bay Club, Crystal Bay, Nevada)

46:34 All in Time - (12.31.05 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois)

59:24 Kabump >

72:51 Dig a Pony - (12.02.05 - Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Oregon)

And here's a link to the latest jambase article

The Secret of Our Success

Happy Saturday y'all!

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damn I love that podcast! I was relistening to podcast 21 yesterday while driving around in the car. I can't wait to get my car deck 'decked' to interface with the iPod.

I am seriously only listening to podcasts on my iPod. There are some really great ones out there with UM being one of my favs.

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